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Whether it be that special engagement
ring or a stunning diamond necklace, JB
Star specializes in exquisite diamonds.
Each stone is hand chosen and set to
make every diamond piece absolutely



The Yellow Diamond is one of the
most rare and stunning gemstones
on Earth. Every JB Star yellow
diamond is the most perfect
shades of golden yellows. Our stones
catch the sun and the shimmer
rivals that of its rays.



The saying goes: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”! JB Star sapphires are your new and blue! Our stones have the deepest shades of blues, enhanced by our shimmering diamond accents.

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Red is the color of passion, and
our rubies are richest of reds.
Our rubies are a fiery color that
will spark envy in everyone that
sees them!



Beautiful and brilliant, our paraibas and
tourmaline are the brightest shades.
These stones range in color and style
but one thing is certain: they’re perfect!
With our paraibas, you’ll be sure to
impress no matter the occasion!



A legendary stone that never fails
to impress. Our emeralds are a
spectacular shade of green. Deep
and rich, and hand chosen for
pieces that will always
look gala ready..

& More

At JB Star, we don’t stop at the
classics. We have pieces with gems
like tanzanite, spinel, & topaz – all
elevated to a luxury masterpiece.
Explore stones you can’t find
anywhere but JB Star!