Passion for Precision... A Labor of Love
7007-088; Rare fancy pink diamond engagement ring 4912-016; Oval Diamond Ring 2040-003,2029-021 Fancy Yellow Wedding Band & Eternity Set 7007-072; cushion paraiba ring 2123-002; Ruby Ring 2135-002--Cushion-Diamond-Engagement-Ring 4675-146 7.13ct emerald-cut emerald and diamond engagement ring 7159-001; 1099-003 Diamond Wedding Band Set Styles 2394, 1845 and 7215, features jbs cut, round, and emerald-cut diamonds and fancy yellow radiant diamond wedding bands and engagement bands 0283-001; 17.25ct-fancy-yellow-radiant-diamond-engagement-ring 7007-006--Emerald-Cut-Sapphire-Ring 2129-005--Oval-Ruby-Engagement-Ring 7007-075; emerald-cut diamond ring
in New York
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